About Us

Let’s be real for a second. 

Gym clothing mostly sucks.

A few brands are out here making cool stuff, but for the main part, it’s a sea of mediocrity.

You’ve seen it a thousand times.

Global sportswear brands are out of ideas.

They hire celebrities to endorse them.

They hire fitness influencers to persuade you to be someone different. 

They hire marketing and PR firms and pretend to understand us.

Bloated companies ran in boardrooms by stale management.

And guess what?

They’re out of touch. 

I worked a career in fashion inside companies like these so I know what happens behind closed doors.

Believe me. 

They are not who we are.

For a community of outcasts, non-conformists and diversity, we deserve better. 

Everyday, we’re in the arena battling our inner demons.

On a silent mission. 

I created this brand to offer the fitness community something different. 

I know how it feels to be an outlier and this brand is for everyone who feels the same.


That’s why Apocalypse Club exists.