Shirts for Vegans

Shirts for Vegans

Make a statement and inspire others with a vegan t-shirt from Apocalypse Club. Our vegan t-shirt range uses ethically processed cotton and is human and eco-friendly. As a global fitness brand, we work with worldwide fulfilment centres to serve our customers. Our production method uses 7 times less water than our competitors and we do not use sweatshops.

We are kind to animals, people and our planet.

  • Eco-friendly dyes used in a process that consumes 7x less water than competitors, creating garments that reflect our values
  • 87% of all packages are fulfilled in the same country as the customer
  • 99% of all packages are fulfilled in the same region as the customer

Discover our vegan t-shirt collection:

Vegan Clothing

Send an important message with a vegan t-shirt. Apocalypse Club gym wear is designed for animal lovers to show their plant-powered fitness gains. Shop our collection of vegan gym clothing created specifically for plant-based training here.

Gifts for Vegans

Treat the plant-based fitness lover in your life to a vegan t-shirt from our vegan gym wear collection. This range of workout clothes was created specifically for plant-based athletes and contains quirky vegan slogans including "Vegains" and "Meat Free Muscle".

Vegan gym goers can say it loud and proud with Apocalypse Club's vegan gym t-shirts, muscle tanks and hoodies. Shop the vegan gym wear collection here.

What is Apocalypse Club?

Apocalypse Club is a viral gym wear brand that produces activewear for fitness lovers, gym rats, and vegans. We care about the environment and are striving to make a difference in the fashion world.

We demonstrate our love and respect for animals and the planet, and our commitment to a sustainable future by working with a sustainable production and fulfilment partner to reduce emissions.

Our global production partners implement sustainable policies in the folllowing ways:

Water Reduction

The use of modern efficient dye machines saves 24 million gallons a week. Any water used goes through a filtration system that allows it to be recycled.

Energy Reduction

Reduced CO2 emissions by using motion-sensor LED lighting and skylights. Employees are encouraged to go green by using electric car charging stations.

Virtually Zero Waste

Our production partners implement a strict recycling policy that produces almost no landfill. 

Shop the vegan collection:

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